SAP Data Services Professional




·         More than 12 years of experience in implementing Data Integration and Business Intelligence solutions

·         Highly skilled in the design and development of ETL data integration solutions

·         Data warehouse development and modeling experience

·         Highly skilled in Business Intelligence system study, design, development and implementation of applications

·         Well-rounded experience with both Data warehouse architectural design and development experience both on the data and solutions development sides

·         Design and Develop complex Extract Transform and Load (ETL) solutions by translating detail design requirements into feasible technical BI implementations

·         Expert knowledge in data cleansing

·         performance and tuning of ETL processes and preparation of business and technical documentation. perform quality review of all ETL Solutions.

·         Mentor and lead other ETL developers to insure best practices and optimal BI solutions.

·         Ability to analyze source data for potential data quality issues and address these issues in the ETL procedures

·         Experience implementing Data warehouse projects following the Business Dimensional Lifecycle/Kimball method

·         Ability to effectively communicate information, both verbally and written, to end users and executive management

·         Sufficient knowledge to identify and help avoid pitfalls associated with data warehousing and ETL processes specifically

·         Capable of documenting ETL subsystem architecture and prepare a design document that is easily understandable to less technical individuals

·         Expertise in data warehousing techniques for Data profiling, Change Data Capture, Data Cleansing, Slowly Changing Dimension, surrogate key assignment

·         Expertise in Data analysis, Data modeling, Database design, Data migration, and Business Intelligence solutions.

·         Data Warehouse Expert with 12 years of experience designing and building Data Warehouses and the ETL Processes that load them. This includes Staging Layer, Integration Layer and Reporting Layer. Data modeling techniques used are Dimensional and Normalization. ETL Process Modeling includes business process and data.

·         Provided advanced Data Warehouse Concepts, Strategies and subsystems like Change data capture system, Data profiling system, Data cleansing system, Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) processor, Late arriving dimension handler, Fixed hierarchy dimension builder, Multivalued dimension bridge table builder, Junk dimension builder, Batch processing & load balancing system

·         Extensive experience in deploying full life cycle projects including Designing security Architecture, Requirement Gathering, Data Analysis, Data profiling, Finding Business processes, designing Bus Matrix, Designing ETL Job Execution Plan, Source-to-Target Mapping, Information Delivery Design, selecting Development Methodology, setting design guidelines, Metadata architecture, Testing standards for data validation, establishing change management procedure, designing Go-Live process and designing user training.

·         BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP - SAP Authentication, Secure network Connection (SNC), Encryption & Secure Network Communication, Trusted authentication, Single sign-on (SSO), Client connection to BOE

·         Experience in projects in different countries / regions such as USA, Canada, Singapore and India
SAP Best Practice Data Migration with SAP AIO method


Establishing Vision and Strategy: Business Requirements Assessment

Role: Played a lead role in the deployment of the BO toolset, Building, testing and implementing ETL, Business Objects Universes, reports to meet requirements, Enhancements and Performance tuning.

Architect: Enforcing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design

Designing Infrastructure: Provided Architecture design, Security Model, Performance and Sizing

Sources: DB2, Oracle 10, SQL Server 2005

Data Modeling: Creating Data Marts for different business processes (ER Win)

ETL: Extraction Transformation and Loading the data from different sources using SAP Business Objects Data Integrator XI R2 (BODI) and SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.1

Universe and Reports: There are 12 Universes, 200 reports and 500 users

Data: Source System Analysis, Data Mapping, Universe Design, Report Development

Testing: Architecture, Security Model, End User Acceptance

Skills Development Planning: Implementation Team and End User Training

Proof of Concept (POC) and Migration to SAP - Business Objects XI 3.1 Integration. Creating Business Objects environment for SAP BW sources


CERTIFICATION: BusinessObjects (TM) Enterprise Certified Professional X


Businessbjects Products:


SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.2

Business Objects CMC,
Business Objects XIR2 Implementation
Business Objects XIR2 Security implementation
Business Objects XIR2 Info View
Business Objects XIR2 Web Intelligence
Business Objects Dashboard Manager,
Business Objects Performance Manager,
Business Objects XIR2 – Designer
Migration to XI 3.0, Creating Business Objects environment for SAP and BW sources


Data Warehouse ETL, Data migration and Business Intelligence – Architecture, Planning, Design, development and implementation

12 years

Data Modeling (Dimensional modeling, Kimball’s methodology), ErWin, Microsoft Visio, Toad

9 years

Business Objects Data Integrator (BODI) 6.5/XI R2 and

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.2

7 years

Installation and Configuration - BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP, SAP security, SAP Authentication, Secure network Connection (SNC), Encryption & Secure Network Communication,

Voyager, Xcelsius

2 year

Business Objects XI 3.1/ XI R2 / 6.5//5.0/4.1 (Reports, Designer, Supervisor, CMC, WEBI, DESKI, Xcelsius Dashboards Development, Import Wizard, Administrative Tool, Web Intelligence, Desktop intelligence, Broadcast Agent Server, Application Foundation, Dashboard Manager, Analytics , Info View and best practices for design and deployment )

8 years

Oracle 7.x/8.x/9.x/10/11, Teradata v2r6, SQL Server 7/2000/2005, DB2, Mainframe

12 years

Brio, Crystal Reports 5/6

4 years



Create a Foundation for Enterprise Information Management

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services includes comprehensive functionality that can help you do the following:

  • Ensure complete and accurate information.
  • Empower users to govern data and define data standards through an intuitive user interface.
  • Extend your data view with text analysis to analyze unstructured text data sources.
  • Assess and improve the quality of your data with a solution that supports data within any industry, locality, or data domain including customer, product, supplier, and material information.
  • Provide instant traceability with impact analysis and data lineage capabilities to help your users make confident decisions.
  • Monitor and trend how well data adheres to governance rules and standards with data quality dashboards.
  • Reduce costs, accelerate product proficiency and simplify IT infrastructure with a single, intuitive solution that can lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Optimize user and developer productivity and ease of application maintenance through intuitive use transformations and object reuse.
  • Achieve cost-effective integration and rapid time-to-value with deep integration across the SAP portfolio and non-SAP systems.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

  • Intuitive ad hoc reporting and analysis
    • Access interactive and intuitive analysis with organized toolbar, beautiful charts, context relevant menus, drag-and-drop features.
    • Drill, slice, and format information based on your needs.
    • Ask questions, analyze data, and identify trends whether you are in the office or on the road.
  • Self-service access to information
    • Get unified access across heterogeneous data sources.
    • Supplement existing corporate information with insights from your own data.
    • Combine data from different data sources to get answers to your business questions.
  • Share trusted insights
    • Leverage the semantic layer and common business terms.
    • Get transparency into the source of information and visibility into report details.
    • Securely share interactive reports globally with colleagues, customers, and partners.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

  • Experience unparalleled interactivity
    • Track operations with interactive real-time ready dashboards for every user.
    • Share interactive insights across your business ecosystem with any and all users.
    • Optimize successful decision making with scenario planning using what-if analysis capabilities.
  • Gain unrivaled flexibility
    • Visualize any operational and analytical information assets with direct connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects universes, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, and other live data sources.
    • Embed and interact with dashboards within portals, reports, presentations, and PDFs.
    • Extend dashboards to include any custom visualization components using SDK.
  • Design inspirational dashboards
    • Leverage a library of commonly used visualization components to help users unmask complexity of data.
    • Design simple or extraordinary dashboards with drag-and-drop and free-form design.

Use pre-built templates and samples to expedite dashboard design and deployment.